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Charles Linden. Director, Linden Tree Education

"This video totally changed how I feel about my anxiety, OCD and panic attacks. Thank you Charles. It's such a relief to understand what's really going on."
Tanya Morgan. Birmingham
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"The Linden Method is the world's
#1 anxiety disorder recovery solution!"

Over 320,000 people helped over 24 years. 100%
success rate in university led efficacy trials
Simple and fast anxiety disorder recovery with phone, email and mobile access to resources, apps and support
CPD Accredited learning centre - BPS & BACP Member Support

Your recovery is our #1 priority - You will love the relief and support we provide.

the linden method

The Most Incredible Recovery Experience Available

Be coached by Charles Linden and his team directly - live & interactive

Having helped over 340,000 people to recover, Charles and his team, who are all ex sufferers, mental health professionals and mental health educators, will provide you with live, interactive guidance and support three times per week.
Generalized Anxiety - Panic Disorder - Agoraphobia - OCD - PureO - PTSD - Health Anxiety - Depression - Eating Disorders - Self-Harming - CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia
Immediate access to our mobile enabled recovery & support portal
Simple Recovery Programs With Unlimited, Qualified, Private Anxiety Recovery Guidance
If you are serious about finally recovering and wish to receive guidance from ex sufferers accredited and experienced in producing simple, fast and life-long recovery... you're in the right place!

LICENSING - PLEASE NOTE: The Linden Method may only be purchased from licensed Linden Method websites. Purchasing The Linden Method elsewhere will result in non-receipt of some of the materials and any of the qualified support. Do not purchase used copies, they do not contain around 50% of the materials and do not include support. Do not purchase The Linden Method on websites of other booksellers or on ebay as these are unlicensed, incomplete copies.

A Revolutionary Recovery Treatment for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessions & Depression
"I have been trying to beat Anxiety Disorders for years, but for a long time I didn't know what I was fighting against. Thanks to The Linden Method, I am now anxiety disorder free!" Joanne Taylor
Did you know that The Linden Method is the only accredited anxiety recovery practice in the world?

Why The Linden Method?

The Linden Method is the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy. No other process exists that is recovery focused and accredited to lead sufferers to full and lasting recovery.

The Method includes unlimited private anxiety recovery therapy from accredited, qualified Anxiety Recovery professionals.

The Linden Method uses LAR, the only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder therapy developed for recovery.

TLM may only be accessed through our licensed websites. Third parties may not sell or distribute TLM.

Does The Linden Method Work?

Independent University Led Trial Results

The most recent trial carried out at Copenhagen University saw incoming clients reduce their anxiety levels from an average of 18.24 (severe) to 2.84 (normal) by doing The Linden Method Program.

These results were analyzed using IBM analysis software.

We have the largest number of independent client, celebrity, doctor, psychologist and practitioner testimonials from over 19 years of practice.

Mike Myers' ex wife Robin
the linden method linda robson
Bill Wyman's ex wife Mandy Smith
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the linden method linda robson
the linden method kate ford
the linden method kate ford